Seizure detection for nocturnal epilepsy

The NightWatch

Warns caregivers remotely in the event of epileptic seizures during sleep. Conceived by Dutch neurologists and recommended by patients.

The NightWatch consists of a comfortable wireless armband that closely monitors heart rate and motion while the wearer is lying in bed.

When the NightWatch detects a potentially severe seizure, a warning is transmitted to a caregiver via a wireless signal to the armband’s corresponding base station.

Precise and versatile

The NightWatch detects various types of seizures with a high level of precision, including:

Tonic seizures

Tonic-clonic seizures

Hypermotor seizures

Clustered myoclonic seizures

Clinically proven effective

The NightWatch was successfully tested over thousands of nights by the SEIN and Kempenhaeghe epilepsy centres and found to be significantly better than the alternative methods available.

The NightWatch detects up to 96% of the most dangerous seizures.

Certified medical device

The NightWatch was tested and found to be safe in accordance with the European Union Medical Device Regulation and is produced according to the highest quality standards.

The system

An audio and visual alert in the event of an epileptic seizure

The alarms can be forwarded to mobile telephones and call systems

Comfortable seamless elastic armband

Ready-to-use, no configuration required

NightWatch Portal

The NightWatch can be connected to the internet so that you can obtain a readout of the wearer’s heart rate and motion data. This provides insight into how the night went and helps you better understand why the NightWatch gave notifications, if any. It eliminates any uncertainty about what happened during the night. In addition, it provides you and your neurologist with a greater insight into the intensity and duration of your seizures. Read the manual to find out how to connect the NightWatch to the online portal.


Try for 30 days

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For whom?

The NightWatch is intended for patients, parents, couples and healthcare professionals who are seeking an effective way of being alerted to severe nocturnal epileptic seizures in a timely manner.

Parents and caregivers

The NightWatch reduces the burden of parents or caregivers by sending a wireless alert in the event of a severe nocturnal epileptic seizure. This enables parties to provide quick and adequate aid, reducing the risk of medical complications.


The NightWatch is very easy to install and to use at home.

Read more about children with epilepsy.

Patients living independently

The NightWatch alerts caregivers to clinically urgent nocturnal seizures, thus enabling patients to live independently. Caregivers can be alerted to nocturnal epileptic seizures remotely in a timely fashion via a connection to a digital or optional mobile phone call system and provide assistance if necessary.

Read more about living independently with epilepsy.

Healthcare professionals

The NightWatch detects the majority of clinically urgent epileptic seizures at an early stage. It improves the quality of care and reduces the burden of healthcare professionals responsible for clients with severe nocturnal epileptic seizures. By connecting the NightWatch to existing medical call systems, it can be easily integrated into existing healthcare processes.

Read more about patients with epilepsy.


NightWatch can help the partner of an epilepsy patient get better sleep by emitting a warning signal when a possibly dangerous seizure is taking place. Thereby, the partner can quickly take action, if necessary, which may enable both of them to sleep more peacefully.

Read more about couples and epilepsy.


The NightWatch can be connected to various external devices such as medical call systems and mobile phone modules.

Optional mobile phone module

If the NightWatch wearer lives independently, there is a special optional mobile phone module that can call up to 5 telephone numbers of selected caregivers in the event of a clinically urgent seizure. This module also has an emergency button which the wearer can press themselves if immediate assistance is required.

Medical call systems

The base station is equipped for connection to all medical care systems as standard, so that clinically urgent seizures can be reported to nursing providers, such as the night-time care team, immediately. epilepsy


What users say

'Thanks for all your efforts – the NightWatch has given our lives a great deal of stability.'

'I like it'

'We are very happy with the NightWatch. We are taking it with us on holiday soon, so she can just sleep in her own little tent! Thank you so much!'

'We sleep better at night (me especially)!'

‘The design is appealing too'

Satisfaction survey

A satisfaction survey of 128 families who acquired the NightWatch confirms the scientific efficacy of the NightWatch in practice.

The results of our satisfaction survey.

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