Epilepsy and safer sleeping

NightWatch is a clinically proven system for detecting possible dangerous epileptic seizures during sleep.

Safe and effective seizure detection system

NightWatch is a comfortable armband that closely monitors the wearer’s heart rate and motion during sleep.


When the system suspects a possible major epileptic seizure, a warning is transmitted to a caregiver via a wireless signal to the armband’s corresponding base station.


The system is optimized to detect all possible dangerous epileptic seizures, including tonic and tonic-clonic seizures.

NightWatch Epilepsy Seizure Detection video

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Who is NightWatch for?

Parents and caregivers

Healthcare professionals

Patients living independently


NightWatch reduces the burden of parents or caregivers by sending a wireless alert in the event of a possible severe nocturnal epileptic seizure.

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NightWatch detects the majority of clinically urgent epileptic seizures at an early stage. It improves the quality of care and reduces the burden of healthcare professionals.

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NightWatch alerts caregivers to possible clinically urgent nocturnal seizures, thus enabling patients to live independently.

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NightWatch can help the partner of an epilepsy patient get better sleep by emitting a warning signal when a possibly dangerous seizure is taking place.

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Clinical evidence

A comprehensive study by the Dutch epilepsy centres SEIN and Kempenhaeghe, in which a large group of patients participated over thousands of nights, showed that NightWatch detects 96% of the most dangerous seizures and alerts caregivers in time.

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NightWatch is supported and has received a donation from EpilepsieNL.

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