Epilepsy and safer sleeping

NightWatch is a clinically proven system for detecting possible dangerous epileptic seizures during sleep.

NightWatch can be delivered despite the COVID-19 virus

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NightWatch Epilepsy seizure detection system


Safe and effective seizure detection system

NightWatch is a comfortable armband that closely monitors the wearer’s heart rate and motion during sleep.


When the system suspects a possible major epileptic seizure, a warning is transmitted to a caregiver via a wireless signal to the armband’s corresponding base station.


The system is optimized to detect all possible dangerous epileptic seizures, including tonic and tonic-clonic seizures.


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For whom?

NightWatch is intended for patients, parents and healthcare professionals who are seeking an effective way of being alerted to severe nocturnal epileptic seizures in a timely manner.

Parents of children with epilepsy

Healthcare professionals with epileptic clients

People with epilepsy who wish to live more independently

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Clinical evidence

A comprehensive study by the Dutch epilepsy centres SEIN and Kempenhaeghe, in which a large group of patients participated over thousands of nights, showed that NightWatch detects 96% of the most dangerous seizures and alerts caregivers in time.

Epilepsie detectie nightwatch

Our story

The NightWatch system and our company, LivAssured, as a whole came about as the result of a unique partnership between the Kempenhaeghe and SEIN epilepsy centres, the University Medical Centre (UMC) Utrecht, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Epilepsiefonds (Epilepsy Foundation), and patient representatives.

The LivAssured team consists of experienced entrepreneurs and motivated engineers with a passion for making innovative medical technology accessible to those who really need it to be able to live life as normally as possible.

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User experiences

“NightWatch is a system that was developed in collaboration with patients and which reliably recognizes nocturnal motor seizures and raises the alarm. A long-cherished wish of many, enabling them to sleep more peacefully.”

Dr. F.S.S. Leijten


UMC Utrecht

“We feel completely reassured thanks to NightWatch. We are always alerted if our daughter Leen has a severe seizure. When Leen stays over somewhere, the device goes with her so that the night-time care team will be alerted in the event of a seizure.”

K. Blomme-Dorme

Father of Leen

“NightWatch detects seizures far more effectively than the product we used previously and is, therefore, part of our medical kit.”

A. van Hest

Complex Care Team Leader


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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 886720.

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